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Choose your own 4 Scoops


Choose up to 4 flavours from both our classic range and seasonal specials.


Please select your 4 flavours from the list below.


NB: If this is a gift, please enter your personal message in the text box and we will do the rest.



Madagascan Vanilla Bean (milk)

Classic Creamy Chocolate (milk)

Sea Salted Caramel (milk)

Honeycomb Crunch (milk)

Luscious Lemon Meringue (milk & (contains egg)

Oreo (milk & contains gluten)

Strawberries and Cream (milk)

Mint chocolate chip (milk)



Banana Choc caramel (Milk)

Coffee ( Milk )

Lush (Milk)

Rum and Rasin (Milk, Alcohol)

Creme Brulee

Plum and Cinnamon (milk)

Ginger bread cookie dough (gluten)

Blackberry and Apple ( milk)

Honey and Ginger (Milk)

Bailey’s (Milk + Alcohol)

Mince Pie (Milk)

SORBETS (all Dairy-Free & Vegan):


Cherry Fizz






Our 'Choose your own' 4 and 8 scoops are scooped into a special reusable polystyrene isothermal box that keeps ice cream frozen for up to 2 hours (perfect for gifting family and friends with ice cream!). After you've finished with your box, you can bring it back to the shop and we'll refill at a discount.


Environmentally friendly and cost saving!

Choose your own 4 scoops

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